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A faulty office printer can affect the proper functioning of your office, impacting your business operations. Valuable time is wasted trying to do it yourself and, in the course, lead to extensive damages to your printer. That creates enough nuisances at the workplace by frustrating the communication process and dealing with the extra costs of purchasing a brand new printer. Solving the problem requires the services of a specialist who understands your equipment well. It is not always easy to get the right technician. At times, you may land on the wrong hands and find yourself in the trouble of spending more by acquiring a new printer. Below are a few practical tips to help you choose the right printer repair service.

1. Online Reviews

Advanced technological changes have forced most companies to go online and have websites. Equipment repair companies have not been left behind. They have websites where they sell their services. You will find many printer repair companies online, but not all are outstanding, especially when you search buyer reviews. You will view and read real experiences that buyers went through, including technical expertise, response time, and if they recommend the company or not. Online customer reviews and ratings do not lie. Check out whether the positive reviews outweigh the negative ones. The right printer repair company will have more positive reviews and a higher rating than a dubious one.


The company's physical location is vital if you have to take the printer to their repair workshop. It is inconvenient to travel hundreds of miles to deliver your printer for repair. That will waste your time and other resources. A nearby company is easier to work with, whether the repairs are being done onsite or offsite. Technicians within your locality are more comfortable reaching out if your printer requires emergency or further repairs and routine maintenance. Beware of companies that are far off as they tend to use remote technicians who may not be competent enough to handle your printer. That may compromise the quality of the services and may also be challenging to reach in emergency times.


Many top manufacturers provide training to authorized dealers and certified technicians to repair their products on their behalf in different localities. That is important because of the warranties which come with their products. Trusted brands are aware that it is difficult for their customers to reach out to them for repairs and maintenance due to diverse locations. Before choosing a repair company for your broken printer, check out if there are any authorized dealers or technicians within your proximity. An authorized technician will charge you a small fee. They can also repair your printers free of charge if the warranties are still valid.

With an authorized repair company, you don't have to worry about your printer's spare parts. The brand manufacturers directly supply those. You will not have to deal with frustrations when you call for repair services only to be informed that the spare parts are out of stock. Before engaging any company to repair your printer, check out if they stock enough spare parts for use in the future. Making the right choice will ensure that your business operations are not affected by downtimes.


The year of establishment of the company and the technician's number are essential information that you must have at your fingertips. The age of a company goes hand in hand with experience. Recently founded companies have not yet built their reputation. A printer repair company that has been in existence for ten years has more experience than the one created two years ago. It would be difficult for you to get honest reviews for the latter even if it employs experts.

The number of technicians matters most in that when you urgently need repair services. The company doesn't have to put you on hold because it lacks enough personnel. An established company must have enough personnel to handle the duties as they come. As you consider the number of technicians that the company has, it is also advisable to check out the technical expertise and years of experience. You cannot entrust anyone to repair your printer unless they have the right certifications and have a long time of experience handling such equipment. A certified technician has an ASP certification. Do not shy off from asking about their experience and certification.

If you are hunting for the right printer repair company, making the company's correct decision to hire doesn't have to be a daunting exercise. Besides the above-discussed tips, you should consider professionalism and communication skills. A company that doesn't have the proper communication skills is an alert for you. Some companies employ technicians who lack professionalism. They are quick to give you the quotes before they diagnose the main problem. Other companies lack honesty and reliability. The costs of repairs are exaggerated, and they do not have warranties and free routine maintenance. A reliable and honest repair company will give warranties of their spare parts and free regular equipment maintenance.

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